Only The Brave is a  competition which tests technical abilities and is especially created for fire crews. As it often happens for such peculiar events, the idea originated from a bet between two firefighters who tried to reach a location in the mountains with SCBAs in the shortest possible time and with the smallest amount of air waste. The distance was about 4,65 km and  the difference in height  about 575 mt, since the target  location was in the mountains above the small village of Mezzano (Mezzano belongs to the “Borghi più belli d’italia” Association and is located in Primiero Valley, Trentino). From that challenge originated the idea of a brand new  competition, which resulted in the current version of “Only the Brave”, which is both a sporting and training event  without equals, open to many different fire crews, coming from  the small area of Primiero Valley and beyond. Since the first edition the maximum number of participants was outnumbered within a few days. The volunteer fire corps of Mezzano  invented this competition a few years ago and organize the event every  October, hosting the competitors who come to Primiero, ready to face the amazing evening race along mountain trails and roads.

The aim of the organizing committee was to create an event which, “while using nature as training ground”, encourages fire fighters to improve both their physical training and their relationship with the SCBAs above all, being this tool fundamental  in modern intervention procedures.